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Communication and Learning Consultants, LLC was formed in 2013 by two passionate educators, Ali Steers and Adie Buchinsky.

As a speech-language pathologist, Ali has always been passionate about caregiver education regarding speech and langugage strategies. When she began working at CHIME Charter School, a fully inclusive school outside of Los Angeles in Woodland Hills, CA, Ali found herself thoroughly unprepared to address the communication needs of students within the general education classroom setting. Through much trial and error, Ali returned to principles of naturalistic language facilitation techniques and found great success in training paraprofessionals to utilize principles of speech/language facilitation throughout the school day. As an institution that values ongoing educator training, Ali and Adie had the good fortune to enter into a system that already had a paraprofessional training program in place. On Friday mornings, from 7:20 to 8:00 paraprofessionals attended one of two training programs (commonly referred to as “Beginner” and “Advanced Para Training” developed by Amy Hanreddy, PhD, and taught by special education teachers at CHIME). After having co-taught a training course, Ali realized that is was the ideal opportunity to frontload many of the techniques and strategies she was teaching to the paraprofessionals during her time in the classrooms. After having been granted administrative approval, Ali set about the daunting task of curriculum development and taking strategies with which she had experienced success and presenting them such that they applied to a broad audience of paraprofessionals to address the needs of a wide range of students with impacted communication skills. After having realized the daunting task set before her, Ali did what anyone in her situation would do - call for help! And who better for the job than an experienced, brilliant, dually-credentialted (incredibly organized) special/general education teacher, Adie Buchinsky.

Ali and Adie would not be here were it not for CHIME Charter School in Woodland Hills, CA. Thank you to the loving, supportive CHIME community for being who are you. We are truly indebted to all of the caring paraprofessionals, collaborative teachers and supportive administration who have allowed this curriculum to become what it is today. Our most sincere thanks.

To learn more about CHIME Charter School, visit chimeinstitute.org.